Title: Intense
Series: Intense Book 1
Author: Sebastiene Elston
Genre: YA (young adult)
Length: Novel / 80,000 words
Publisher: Book Art Media
Status: Available 2015.

Everything amplified.

A glittery dust falls on a small town, leaving everyone unconscious. Only Tessa, and a few other 18-year-olds, wake up.

Everything is more intense: colors, sounds, emotions. All of the teenagers are mentally unraveling. Paranoid and terrified. The worst are angry.

They need to get out of town and get help--assuming there is anyone left in the outside world.


The ghosts of England have begun to kill the living.

Amber comes home from university to be with her father after he suffers a series of heart attacks.

A strange "virus" is sweeping through England, but one night, Amber watches helplessly as a ghost kills her neighbor, and she realizes there is no virus.

The government is lying. The fragile economy is collapsing as more and more people get sick, or die. Her parents are near bankruptcy, and Amber's only hope seems to be an eccentric Scotsman who can do nothing but offer her a dangerous job.

Then Amber realizes there is a bigger problem. It isn't just the living who are being attacked. One ghost destroys another ghost right in front of her. Will her father's soul be destroyed if he dies?

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Title: Dead World
Series: Dead World Book 1
Author: Sebastiene Elston
Genre: Modern ghost story
Length: Novel/113,000 words
Publisher: Book Art Media
Status: Available now!

Title: House of Secrets
Author: Sebastiene Elston
Genre: New Gothic novel
Length: Novel / 60,000 words
Publisher: Book Art Media
Status: Available 2015.

Oakwood House holds a secret that could take everything away from her, including her life.

Gwen and her mother have nowhere to go. It sounds like a dream when her mother's old friend, Marvin, suddenly leaves Oakwood House to Gwen.

The only way she can claim the house is to find his official will. The problem? Marvin was a hoarder. The will is hidden somewhere inside the huge building, somewhere inside his hoard.

With her mother's health deteriorating, Gwen goes out alone to the remote house. The huge structure is packed. Worse yet, there are strange things that don't make sense.

~Why is Marvin's entire hoard on top of tables, raised slightly above the floor?
~Why are there narrow paths through the piles of objects, set up like a maze?
~Marvin had an obsessive-compulsive need to remain clean and get rid of clutter. So why did he spend years accumulating almost everything he could find?
~Worst of all, how can Gwen possibly find Marvin's will in the overwhelming labyrinth of objects inside his house?

She'll need help, but who can she trust? There is movement in the darkness at night. There are strange sounds no one can explain. The house was abandoned asylum with a well-deserved, ominous reputation. Hidden inside the hoard are treasures, mysteries, and one dangerous, terrible secret Marvin would have protected her from if he could have.

Can Oakwood House be the refuge she so desperately needs, or will Gwen be the next victim of the one thing Marvin never wanted her to find?

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